Tips to Get More Out of Your Google Nexus 5

With almost six months out in the market, Google’s flagship smartphone still continues to impress people with its solid build and simple yet attractive design. With an affordable price tag of $350, this phone has a lot to offer from the inside. If upgrading to the upcoming Nexus 6 is already on your to-do list, check out some new tips on how to fully utilize your Google Nexus 5 smartphone first.

So go try them out for yourself, we can assure you they’re pretty foolproof.

Get Productive
Going to your apps you’ll find the all-new Quickoffice, which allows you to create, edit, and review Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and Powerpoint presentations — all free of charge. This app is offered to every user who upgrades to Android 4.4 KitKat, as well as new Android devices, including the Nexus 5 that is pre-installed with KitKat.

Charge Your Nexus 5 Wirelessly
For those of you who don’t know yet, your Nexus 5 is capable of wireless charging right out of the box. You just need to buy the Nexus Wireless Charger for $50, which is a magnetic device that you can place your phone on top of to start charging without the wires.

Capture Photos While Recording
Like with any other device capable of recording videos, the Nexus 5 faces some challenges when it comes to capturing still images while recording. To capture a photo while recording, just tap the screen and your Nexus 5 will instantly capture a screenshot and then saves it automatically to your photo gallery as it continues to record video.

Quickly Launch the Camera
If you don’t want to waste even a single second to capture that precious moment, simply swipe to the right on the lockscreen of your Nexus 5 to instantly open its camera.

Change Your Launcher
Android has been doing business seriously when it comes to customization. This is evidenced by the availability of numerous launchers that can be downloaded from Google Play, which lets you customize your Home screen’s theme, color, and icons according to your personality and taste. To change your launcher from the default Google Experience theme, download a third-party launcher from Google Play, then access the main Settings menu. Next, tap the Home option under the Device section, and then tap to select the launcher you downloaded from the list of Home screen alternatives.

Set Data Limits
For budget-restricted users, here’s how you can set the data limit usage on your Nexus 5. Go to Settings, then tap Data Usage, and then tap Set mobile data limit. You need to turn on the Mobile data option at the top in order for you to set the data limit. Slide the red bar to set a limit and the orange bar will deliver a warning when you’re near to reaching your data limit usage. You can choose whether you want to shut down your data once you’ve reached the limit or just receive a notification.

Talk to Google Now
To use Google Now, swipe from left to right or say “OK Google” while on your Nexus 5 Home screen. Your virtual assistant will appear, and will be ready to browse the Web, provide directions, or call your mother dear. In order for the Google Now command to work, your phone’s language must be set to English (US).

Change SMS Texting Apps
Hangouts is Nexus 5’s default messaging app. You can also download an alternative messaging app such as Handcent SMS from Google Play. After installing it, go to Settings, then tap More under Wireless & Networks, and then tap Default SMS app. From here, you can select which alternate messaging app you want to use in replacement of Hangouts.

Use New Gestures in Chrome
In Nexus 5, you can still swipe through your open tabs in Chrome, swiping horizontally on the toolbar in order for it to work. You can drag down the toolbar to enter the tab switcher, and you can tap and hold the menu button, dragging your finger down to open the menu and select menu items without removing your finger away from the screen. This feature is designed for easier one-handed use.

Use Your Nexus 5 as a Hotspot
This is one of the most useful features some Nexus 5 users don’t normally know and use. To enable the hotspot feature, go to Settings, tap More, and then tap Tethering and portable hotspot option. Next, check the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot box. Don’t forget to set up your privacy settings afterwards to avoid unauthorized users from gaining access to your Wi-Fi.

Add Widgets to the Lockscreen
Sliding on the left side of the lockscreen gives you an option to add widgets, allowing you to check out your email or see the latest tweets without the need to unlock your Nexus 5 phone. To enable the widgets feature, go toSettings, then tap Security, and then tap Enable widgets.


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