Getting Insufficient Storage Available Error Message on Your Android Device? Here’s the Fix

Getting the “Insufficient storage available” error message on your Android device can be really frustrating. This happens when you are attempting to download and install an app from Google Play, and then this error message will suddenly pop up on your device’s screen. The error message is a common occurrence among Android users, since by default, all downloaded apps will be installed in the device’s internal memory. Coincidentally, Android phones and tablets normally have very limited memory allocation. This case is most likely to happen on Android devices that have already been rooted, and users encounter the error message when downloading, installing, or running the app.

If you are one of those unlucky users who are currently experiencing this kind of error message, don’t panic…yet. Below is a fix that will help you get rid of the “Insufficient storage available” error message on your Android device.

To begin, try deleting some apps (probably those you rarely use) from your device’s internal storage (not the microSD card). Now that you have freed up some more space, go to the Google Play Store, then search for the App Cache Cleaner – 1 Tap Clean app, then download it.

 Insufficient storage available

Once you have successfully installed the app, launch it, and then allow it to scan your device for you apps’ stored cache. Wait for it to finish the scan, then you can either manually clear the caches individually by tapping the trash bin icon next to each app, or simply tap the Clear button at the very bottom of the list (we’re assuming you’d go with this method instead).


After clearing all your apps’ stored cache, exit out of the app, and then try again to download or update the app you’ve been dying to do so in the beginning. It should work by this time, but if in case you still got the unlucky card, here’s another fix that you can try:

Go to your device’s file manager, then at the root or base folder, you should see the internal files of your phone or tablet. Make sure that you’re currently not in your SD card or internal SD card. Now tap on the folder named Data.

Once you’re on the Data folder, look for a folder labeled app-lib, then tap on it. Next, navigate inside the folder and look for the app folder that you’ve been trying to update or install (if in case it was previously installed on your phone), and then delete it. After doing that, try once again to download or update the app and hopefully it will work for you.

So the next time you’ll come across with the “Insufficient storage available” error message, don’t lose hope. Like with computers, phones and tablets also tend to clog up their memory and all you need to do is to simply free up some space, and most importantly, proceed in clearing the caches. This can also greatly help in improving your Android device’s performance.


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