What to Do If Your Computer Restarts Randomly or Crashes

Image Source: pixabay.com

Image Source: pixabay.com

Why do computers crash? How can it be prevented? Random reboots could be devastating if you’re in the middle of something, you need to meet a deadline, and then your screen goes blank. To prevent this from happening, it’s really important to maintain and ensure that your computer is always in good running condition.

Here are the common reasons why a computer crashes and how to prevent them.


All computers have their own fans to prevent overheating. Overheating is one of the major reasons why computer shuts down randomly. This can be easily overlooked. Sometimes we may run different tests only to find out that the culprit is a faulty fan. This condition is very common in laptops and desktops where the air vents are easily get clogged by dust.

Thus, it is recommended to clean your computer’s fan every now and then. Also, avoid putting your notebook on your lap. Instead, place it on a surface that ensures proper air flow.

Processor/CPU related issues

When the CPU works hard, it generates more heat. Again, this is an overheating issue, so it is advisable to your CPU fan and heat sink occasionally.

Computer Malware infections

Malware (malicious software) are programs that disrupt the operation of your computer by carrying out multiple unnecessary commands, exploiting the resources of your computer. Make sure that all your security tools are updated regularly to protect your computer from online threats.

Hardware Wear and Tear

As we all know, computer is an electronic device composed of many different hardware pieces. As your computer ages, some hardware built inside your computer will become faulty. It is advised to occasionally run diagnostic programs to identify which part needs a replacement.

Software Issues

There are some cases wherein a computer crashes due to incomplete or failed software installation. Incomplete or failed software installation cause confusion to the CPU, therefore, it might result to corrupted files or even bloat the hardware.

Taking Care of Your Computer

There are still so many reasons why we encounter problem on our computers. Owning a computer is not just simply buying it, place it in a corner, and use it whenever you want. It also needs proper care to work efficiently. PC Tune-up is a must to reach your computer’s full functionality. There are many diagnostic tools available over the web. Some of these are CPU monitors, Temperature monitors and Hard disk checkers. Also, make sure that device drivers and anti-virus software are all up-to-date. In that way, you can identify what hardware needs to be replaced or what software should be re-installed.


By: Novie Mar Udarbe


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