If You’re Not in a Hurry, It’s Better to Go With Xbox One’s Energy-Saving Power Mode

The Xbox One’s awesome voice command allows you to power it on instantly by simply saying, “Xbox on.” It’s instant-on power mode is powerful enough to power up the console in just 2 seconds, then proceeds with loading the needed updates automatically. If you’re someone who frequently play games, watch videos on Netflix and Amazon, or has a live TV setup, then it’s better to opt with the instant-on power mode. But what exactly is Xbox One’s energy-saving mode and why is it better than its lightning-speed startup feature?

Pressing the Xbox power button while on energy-saving mode will start up the console for about 45 seconds. It also does not automatically load and install updates unlike with the instant-on power mode. So what’s the good in using it then? It’s because of the fact that it uses 30 times less energy compared when the console is on instant-on power mode. If instant-on power mode consumes 15W of power, believe it or not, only 0.5W of power is needed to turn on the Xbox One when set to energy-saving mode.

If you want to try using your console in energy-saving mode, press the menu button (the small button with three horizontal lines, beside the X button) on your Xbox One controller. Next, go to Settings, then select the Power & startup option.

Xbox One's energy-saving power mode

Under Power Options, go to Power mode so that it’s highlighted, then press the A button on your controller. This will let you toggle the Power mode option between Instant-on and Energy-saving. Of course, what we need here is the Energy-saving option. And you’re done!

A small tip for you, when you turn off the Xbox One while on energy-saving mode, you will notice that the LED on its power supply will turn orange, instead of the usual white glow. So start saving energy now and try the energy-saving mode feature of the Xbox One…that is, again, if you’re not in a hurry.


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