Share Your Gameplay Moments With Sony’s DualShock 4 Controller

Anybody can be social even just by playing. The leaders in online gaming had this in mind when they developed the new generation of gaming consoles. Players can not only compete online with other users, they can now share their gameplay experiences, tips and tricks, and many others without taking their hands off their controllers.

A good example of this feature can be found on the Sony PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 controller. Its dedicated SHARE button enables gamers to capture screenshots of their game scenes, or broadcast their gameplay to other users.

Share gameplay moments

Get Social With the SHARE Button

By pressing the controller’s SHARE button, it will give the user 3 sharing options to choose from: upload a video clip, upload a screenshot, and broadcast gameplay. A long press on the button will automatically take a screenshot without interrupting the game, while a double press (similar to a double-click on a mouse) will prompt it to start recording the gameplay. The Share menu has an OPTION button that shows the Share Settings when selected. This is where you can adjust your video clip and broadcast settings, as well as connect to different social media accounts.

The PlayStation 4 always records the user’s gameplay. When you turn on the console’s sharing feature, it will create a video clip of the last 15 minutes of your gameplay. You have the freedom to edit, save, and/or share this video clip to other players via the SHARE menu. You can also apply some audio on your video clips by enabling the option on the Video Clip Settings menu.

Another function of the SHARE button is to broadcast live gameplay to services such as Twitch and Ustream, which can be possible by configuring your console’s Broadcast Settings. The Broadcast Settings menu gives you the option to record audio and video at low, medium, high, or best quality resolutions. Take note that you can no longer adjust the setting once the broadcast has started. You can also include video using the optional PlayStation Camera accessory, commentary using the connected microphone, and even display viewer comments on the screen to your live recordings by enabling the corresponding option within the Broadcast Settings menu.

When you are done customizing your console’s settings, start a game that you want to broadcast to your friends, then press the SHARE button on your DualShock 4 controller. Choose the Broadcast Gameplay option that is showing on your screen, then select the service you want to stream your gameplay to. As you continue playing, you’ll notice that a small sidebar will appear on the right-hand side of the screen where the viewer numbers and comments appear in real-time.

You can also view live stream of other gamers and see how good or bad they’re at with their gameplay. If in case you’re interested to find out, go to the Live from PlayStation tab from your console’s main menu. This section allows you to watch broadcasts and check out commentaries from different users around the globe.

What’s great about all of these is that the user doesn’t need to be a member of the PlayStation Plus in order to make use of the console’s sharing feature. Every single PlayStation 4 user has access to the Live from PlayStation features, as well as other sharing functions of their console.


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