Share Photos from Your iPhone or iPad But Still Keep Your Privacy

You may not know it, but a simple post of your personal photo on your social networking account using your iPhone or iPad can expose more information about you to the public. This is because the iOS camera app has a location services feature that includes geotag data for each picture you capture, wherein it shows the location where the photo was taken. Geotag data are invisible and embedded into every picture and cannot be removed using your system apps. If you don’t like this information to be accessible to the people who will be viewing your photos online, enter the deGeo app. deGeo is a $0.99 cent app that enables you to clean up your photos by removing its metadata before sharing it online. You can use the app to post photos on different social networking sites such as Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Dropbox, Evernote, Google+, and Sina Weibo. The app can also let you send geotag-less photos thru email and text, and save them to your iPhone or iPad’s camera roll if you want. It’s a simple app to use, and the how-to instructions below will prove it.

Upon launching the deGeo app for the first time, it will prompt you to grant its access to your photos. You will then be presented with a tutorial about the app and its supported gestures. To select a photo, tap Choose an Image and it will direct you to your photo library. After selecting the photo of your choice, swipe down or simply tap the Share button to post it.

Share photos from iPhone or iPad

Swipe from right to left to view its coordinates, a readable location name, and date/time stamps. If a photo does not have a geotag data, you won’t see any red pin marking on the spot where you’ve taken the photo. If you swipe to the right, you have the option to view the last photo you took, as well as other options. Giving your iPhone or iPad a quick shake will command the app to display your most recent photo. If you want to view your photo in full screen mode, simply tap on the photo once. To exit from the full screen mode, just swipe in any direction on the screen.

Technically-inclined people or those with the right kind of tools can easily pry on these private information and can be used to commit illegal, and even criminal, activities. Protect yourself and your family from disclosing some of your private information such as your exact location, workplace, or daily habits by using this photo sharing privacy tool for iOS.


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