Get to Know the Xbox One SmartGlass App

Turn your mobile phone or tablet into a second screen that intelligently interacts with your Xbox, which will surely elevate your entertainment experience. So how can you possibly do that? Well, it’s time for you to meet Xbox SmartGlass. Xbox SmartGlass allows your mobile device to navigate the user interface, launch app and games, and access social features such as achievements, friends, and messages. If you’re an Xbox 360 owner, you probably have heard, and maybe used this app. Now, with the release of Xbox One, Microsoft also designed and developed the Xbox One SmartGlass, which is separate from the Xbox 360 app, that is believed to be faster and more stable than its earlier versions.

The SmartGlass app transforms your mobile device into an Xbox One controller, complete with A, B, X, and Y buttons. Some games and programs have a companion feature that will display additional information on your mobile device. For example, on the game Dead Rising 3, there are certain points where your mobile device becomes a “Zombie Defense and Control Personal Digital Assistant.” This allows you to interact with non-player characters, call for airstrikes, and other commands that you can normally do with a real Xbox One controller.

Getting to Know SmartGlass

The SmartGlass app has Now PlayingRecentFeatured, and My Pins tiles. You can see information based on your current actions in Now Playing, while the Recent section displays your recent Xbox activity. To view new movies, TV shows, and games, you can go to the Featured tile. And My Pins shows the apps and games you’ve pinned to your Xbox One’s Home screen.

Xbox One Smart Glass App

To reach the Options menu, swipe to the right or simply tap the icon with three horizontal lines found at the upper left hand corner of the screen. The Options menu allows you to access your Xbox Live profile, friends, achievements, pins, messages, and app settings.

Setting It Up

To experience these cool features from your mobile device, download and install the Xbox One SmartGlass app from the iTunes Store, Google Play Store, Windows Store, or Windows Phone Store. When you launch the app for the first time, you will be asked to sign in. Log into the application using the same Microsoft account that you used when setting up your Xbox LIVE account. Tap the console icon on the upper right corner of your device’s screen to connect your Xbox One console to SmartGlass. Select the console you’re trying to connect to from the list of available consoles. Your mobile device and console must be connected to the same wireless network in order for the setup to proceed.

If your console isn’t showing up, make sure your Xbox One and your device are both configured with the same network settings, and then try to connect again. If you’re still having problems getting a connection, go to the Enter IP address option, and then manually enter the console’s IP address. To determine your Xbox One’s IP address, go to Settings > Network > then select Advanced Settings.

Once you have successfully established a connection, SmartGlass will continue to directly interact with your Xbox One while on the same network. You can also check your friends’ activities on Xbox LIVE, pin apps to the Xbox One Home screen, browse your existing achievements, and read messages that were sent to your Xbox LIVE account.


The Xbox One SmartGlass app can be downloaded for free on your Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Windows 8 and RT device. In order for it to work, make sure your Android device is running on Android 4.0 or higher. For Windows Phone devices, it requires version 7.5 or higher, while it should run just fine on iPhone 3GS, fourth-generation iPod Touch, and all iPad models.


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