Appworthy Applications for Your Android Devices

The world, known to man, has come to an end for new era dawns the earth.  It’s something that slowly conquers almost every aspect of one’s daily life yet condensed in a single-celled gadget. Social-media, entertainment, education, lifestyle and even finance management could all be just a “tap” away!

Initially, the world has been awed by the smartphone craze. However, gradually, Android smartphones gained leverage when it introduced cheaper versions and more. Supported by Google, an app market was established, which they named as “Play Store.” As the app store gained fame, more and more applications can be downloaded at the user’s option anytime and anywhere. Currently, almost anything imaginable can be found in the app store. Plus, many of them are available for “free.”  Something so tantalizing could be very hard to resist, especially if users can easily uninstall any undesirable applications without having any regrets.

App-worthy Apps

Ten user favorite apps are randomly chosen to be featured in this article. The applications presented are a mix of applications from different categories. Some of the applications may already be known to most users, while others may come at a surprise but nonetheless these are “app-etizing and download-worthy” applications.

Instagram is considered to be a user-friendly application. It helps users treasure, preserve, and at the same time remember, wonderful and picturesque moments that they are willing to share to their friends, family, and to the world.  This application features social media sharing and limitless uploads. Basically, it is an application, which helps a user take a sneak peek to the world.

As the zombies reach the apex of their fame, people became more curious and susceptible to anything “zombie.” This is evidenced by the flesh-ripping television hit series: The Walking Dead. With this, a rise in zombie applications is a normal consequence. However, according to Niall Magennis of C-NET UK, Into the Dead stood out among all the other zombie apps in the Google Play Store. This sinister adventure of survival will surely give the users the thrill of what it’s like to live in an apocalyptic world of the undead. Furthermore, this app is free and is downloadable at the play store.

Google Sky Map is such a wonderful and futuristic app. It aides users navigate the night sky by simply directing the user’s Android phone towards the sky and then the app itself will label the heavenly bodies in space. The sky map uses a built-in GPS, and compass of Android gadgets.

The thrill and suspense of the never-ending chase in Temple Run 2, never bores a user regardless of the age bracket. This new installment of Temple Run includes new obstacles and breathtaking terrain.  This game became the pastime of friends and family as they try to compete with each other’s score.  The game’s goal is as simple as to survive for as long as possible, would really require all of the players’ concentration and alertness.

Health Conscious individuals will irrevocably adore CardioTrainer. This application helps its user track his/her lifestyle and diet. It also has a feature on workout music, which is quite a handy, especially when just can’t help yourself getting warmed up.

Asphalt 8: Airborne will definitely give the user the experience and feel of rough street race. The exhilarating feeling of overtaking your opponents and making sure that you maintain a fair lead is indeed impeccable. Sometimes, it’s just fun to bump other cars without getting into all the drama.  Furthermore, users can own luxury cars that they may not have dreamed of owning in real life. Cars like Lamborghini Veneno, Ferrari FXX, and etc. are within reach. All you have to do is download the app for free!

A Remotedroid is one cool app that somehow converts the user’s Android phone into a handheld wireless keyboard and mouse. This helps users if they have problems with a short mouse cable. It may also help the user during a PowerPoint presentation wherein he/she can move freely without worrying about the mouse.

Google Shopper is a savior to anyone who has a tight budget. Especially during the Christmas season, there are many wonderful deals for a specific product. That is where the usefulness of this app is fully realized. This app helps users get the best deal of the product that they intend to buy either online or at their nearest place. Aside from getting the app for free, it also helps users save money.

There is one interesting app called Soundwave. It’s interesting because it is not a typical app where users simply listen to music online or offline, but because it is also like a “social media of music.” In this app, users can follow their friends, families, and even famous celebrities and the songs that they normally listen to. Users can also update their profile by posting the songs that they love, and at the same time, share it with his/her friends.

If you like to give your phone a personal feel, then the GO Launcher Prime app is what you need. This application is carefully designed to provide its users with the sense of individuality in the smartphones that they use. Giving your phone a personality that fits you will make your phone stand out.

There are still thousands of wonderful apps in the Android market to help you in your daily activities and all you need is the right amount of patience to look for it!

Living in a SMART world is a challenge to the users not to be overly dependent on their phones. Besides, the only thing smarter than our gadgets is us!


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