How to Improve Your Browsing Experience in Safari

Apple’s Safari browser for Mac OS X provides different settings that can be tweaked to help reduce clutter, and be able to troubleshoot websites that you’re frequently having problems with. Here in this article you will learn how to customize your browser’s default settings for you to have a better browsing experiencing with Safari.

1. Set Your Preferred Homepage Options

In Safari, you can customize the options that you want to see whenever you first open or make a new tab. You can choose to open new tabs or windows with an empty page, display Safari’s Top Sites, load the same page that was opened on the last active tab or window, or a specific page that you’ve set in the Homepage field. All these options can be found in the browser’s General preferences section.

The Top Sites feature allows you to set the number of previews you want to be displayed, which can be done on the preferences pane as well.

Improve your browsing experience in Safari

2. Block Unwanted Pop-up Screens

You can configure Safari to block annoying and sometimes harmful pop-up windows in the browser’s Security section. Once this feature is enabled, Safari will prevent websites with embedded pop-up windows from launching, which can be annoying and distracting.

3. Clear Cookies and Site-Specific Data

Websites that you frequently visit store site-specific settings in the browser’s cookies and caches. When these site-specific data gets corrupted, websites may no longer display properly or may not respond accordingly. If in case your browser is experiencing this kind of issue, try clearing its cookies and removing its cache data. Be careful when using the Reset Safari option as this will clear all data from all websites. So, rather than using Reset Safari, go to the Privacy section, then click on the Details button, and specify the website/s whose data you want to clear your browser from.

4. Manage Plug-Ins for Websites

You can also manage plug-ins that websites use to display content for every website within the browser’s Security tab. Aside from Safari’s option to allow or block plug-ins, it also has a Manage Website settings that enables you to set how the browser will handle plug-ins for specific websites. To manage the plug-ins per website, select a plug-in in the left side of the screen, and then select the restriction level for the plug-in that you want to be set for each website. Click the Done button once you are finished.


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