Awesome Keyboard Shortcut Skills That Everyone Needs to Learn

Shortcuts are awesome skills that everyone needs to learn, especially if you’re performing multiple tasks, their goal is to make things easier and faster for you. For example, when it comes to using Internet browsers, notice that most computer geeks do not care about using the mouse anymore because of keyboard shortcuts. They can go on for hours, webpage after webpage, tab after tab, without even leaving their fingers from the keyboard. If you also want to be like them when you grow up (really?), here are some cool keyboard shortcuts for browsers that can be helpful to anyone who regularly uses Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer as part of their daily computing tasks.


Do you consider yourself an ultimate multi-tasker? If you consider at least 10 tabs opened as your normal surfing pace, then you definitely are one. Check out the browser shortcuts below that you can do with your keyboard to help you easily manage the websites you are viewing:

  • Ctrl+T (Mac:+T) – opens a new tab
  • Ctrl+W (Mac:+W) – closes the tab. If you perform this shortcut on the last tab, it will close the entire browser window.
  • Ctrl+Shift+T (Mac:+Shift+T) – reopens the tab you just closed
  • Ctrl+click (Mac:+click) – opens the link on a new tab.
  • Ctrl+click (Mac:+click) on the Back button – opens the last page you visited in a new tab.
  • Ctrl+Tab (Mac:+Option+Right Arrow) – switches to the next tab
  • Ctrl+Shift+Tab (Mac:+Option+Left Arrow) – switches to the previous tab


If you want to use separate windows instead of switching through tabs so that you can easily display pages side by side, try these easy browser shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+N (Mac:+N) – opens a new window
  • Ctrl+Shift+N (Mac:+Shift+N) – opens an incognito window in Chrome
  • Ctrl+Shift+P (Mac:+Shift+P) – opens a private browsing window in Firefox or Internet Explorer
  • Alt+F4 (Mac:+Shift+W) – closes the browser window
  • F11 (Mac:+Shift+F) – displays the page in full-screen mode


Need to click on some buttons on your browser but for some reason your mouse just doesn’t work? Don’t worry. The following keyboard shortcut commands for browser navigation will surely solve the problem.

  • Backspace or Alt+Left Arrow (Mac:+[) – goes back one page in your browsing history
  • Shift+Backspace or Alt+Right Arrow (Mac:+]) – goes to the succeeding page
  • Alt+Home (Mac:+Shift+H) – opens your homepage

Just a friendly reminder though, the Backspace function will only work if you’re not editing text in your browser. If you’re writing a comment or filing out a form online, you can still use the Backspace key to delete characters.

  • F6 (Mac:+L) – highlights the URL bar to help you easily type a search word or URL
  • F5 or Ctrl+R (Mac:+R) – quickly refreshes your page
  • Shift+F5 or Shift+Ctrl+R (Mac: Shift++R) – forces your browser to refresh the page quickly
  • Ctrl + or  (Mac: + or ) – zooms the page in or out
  • Ctrl+0 (Mac:+0) – returns the page to its normal size
  • Ctrl+F (Mac:+F) – searches the webpage for a term or word
  • Ctrl+G (Mac:+G) – jumps to the next occurrence of the term you specified instead of clicking the arrow keys on the search toolbar.

Just keep on practicing those great keyboard shortcuts and you’ll also be surfing the web in a jiffy!



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