Top Apps You Can Use to Find College Textbooks or Make Audio Recordings

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Top 5 iPhone Apps to Help You Find Cheaper Books

Any freshman who is off to college will realize that tuition fees are expensive; same as with the textbooks, which still need to be purchased after paying the tuition, room and board, and other miscellaneous fees.

Everything still seems expensive even after looking for cheaper books in bookstores and in the local university book center. Rather than settling on the cheap materials, below are five iPhone apps that can help you search for cheap college textbooks, which you can either purchase or rent.

Chegg (Find Your Textbooks)

Chegg is an app that allows you to purchase or rent brand new or used textbooks. Books can be searched using the ISBN number or scanned by its barcode. This app will make your search for a specific textbook a lot quicker and can save you up to $500.

Here is an app that searches for new or used textbooks at cheaper prices than those being sold at university book centers. One of’s cool features is its buying options. It provides different levels of quality for each book that can vary from brand new to second hand. It even allows you to sell your books at the end of the semester.

Amazon Student

A familiar name, the Amazon Student app gives students the chance to buy either new or used textbooks. Since it is linked to the Amazon online bookstore, you will expect to find a large selection. It even offers a trade-in system where students can sell their books when the semester ends.

Campus Books

This app functions as a search engine that helps you find the best prices on specific subject books from a wide range of choices. Its best feature is the Local Option search that allows students to search for books on sale from their current location.

Course Smart

Course Smart offers a large list of eTextbooks for sale. eTextbooks are greatly cheaper than physical textbooks. The only drawback is that eTextbooks cannot be sold like normal textbooks at the end of the semester.

Top 5 Web-based Audio Recording Software for Online Voice Recording

Here is good news for students and teachers who need tools to record voices using free and web-based applications without using PC support services.


This app allows you to do voice recording or to upload and share your recording through e-mail. You can even make podcasts by using a remote PC.


Vocaroo is an app that you can use to record your voice and then share it via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, or embed the audio into your blog or website. This tool allows you to upload and share audio in different audio formats.


You can create as many audio messages as you need, share them with others, or embed them in your blog, website, or social media site. This app works particularly well as a teaching tool.


This app allows you to do voice recording and be able to share it in different social media sites. In addition, it also allows you to upload different sound formats, or extract audio from YouTube videos.


Audioboo is a recording app that works with iPhone, Android, Windows mobile, and Blackberry devices. After downloading the app, all you need to do is press the record button on the front page to start recording. You can add a title, some tags, a picture, and even pick the location where it was recorded. This free app has a 3-minute limit on recordings. It is even more powerful if you register online and create your own profile. You can follow other people and listen to their uploaded recordings or link to other social media platforms automatically.

Have you tired one of these apps? and If you happen to know more awesome apps that would help college students, please feel free to share it in the comments.


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